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Presentations On The Web provides ongoing maintenance and support for all matters pertaining to your website. Just send us an email or give us a call to let us know of the changes that you would like on your site. We take care of your website updates promptly and at a very reasonable cost.

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We Take Care of Changes to Your Website

The launch of your new website is exciting! Our goal is to help you maintain that interest level from your visitors with new, fresh and up-to-date content!
Upon the launch of your new website, all of your content is fresh and up-to-date. Descriptions of products, services, events, pricing, options, etc. are current. Photos and graphics are current and reflect your location, products and staff. Visitors are going through the pages of your site eagerly.

  • Our clients receive priority service when it comes to keeping your site information updated. We are very aware that out of date information does not keep visitors interested and actually turns visitors away.
  • We provide very prompt response to your website update requests.
  • As a rule, we are able to take care of minor text updates that arrive by email or phone immediately.
  • Other updates such as photo changes are generally completed within a couple of days.
  • Updates that require change in navigation or page layout or additional pages are generally completed within the week.

Advantages of adding seasonal content: Keeping your site in step with the seasons is a perfect way to add an up-to-date feeling to your site. Even if you don't have new products or services, simply relating your current products and services to the season at hand can spark new interest!

  • Do you offer home maintenance products? One of our clients sells and services power equipment such as mowers, weedeaters, pressure washers. Every spring they email information with the new products offered for the year and we update with new photos for each product and product line.
  • Do you offer food items? One of our clients regularly updates the variety of fruit currently available at their farm market and orchard. Another client regularly updates their restaurant menu and emails the new menu to us for updating on their website. These are items that change with the seasons and give your website visitors a reason to return to your site for new information!
  • Perhaps you offer classes or hold special events for the public to attend. Another of our clients uses their website to keep their music students updated on new classes and special events for the students, parents and public. Classes and events are seasonal and draw visitors to the site to see what's new.
  • Another good reason for adding seasonal content to your site is important - Google and other search engines! The search engines are continually indexing search results with the newest content. Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of this!

You know the saying - "A picture is worth a thousand words"
Fresh, updated photos can breathe new life into your website! We are all interested in "what's new"! It's important to provide interesting and informative content on your website pages, but in addition, it's refreshing to break up the content areas with photos illustrating your products and services!

  • Do you have new products, services or staff members? What a perfect opportunity to let your prospective and current customers in on the good news!
  • Have you updated the exterior or interior of your storefront? Again - shoppers love to see "what's new" and this could be just the reason to bring them into your business.
  • Do you recognize a special staff member from time to time? One of our clients regularly recognizes a special staff member as well as an entire department on a regular basis! This information is included in their newsletter, which we post to their website, as well as updated pages in the site to recognize those staff members and departments.
  • And speaking of newsletters - this is a great opportunity to share your expertise with your website visitors. If you don't have the time or inclination to write your own newsletter, you can subscribe to newsletters that can be re-published. We have several clients that publish newsletters and articles of information for us to add to their website. It's as easy as emailing the newsletter to us to post!

Special Business Anniversary or Upcoming Events:
Another year in business is a call for celebration! Let your customers know that you are here to serve them for another year and probably are more knowledgeable, and offer more services than the year before!

Several of our clients have special events throughout the year. It's great to promote these on your website. Do you have an Open House coming up - or a special sale - or a special vendor or teacher visiting your business? Let us know the details and we will add this announcement to your website, as well as to the calendar of events on the Alexander County Online Business Directory.

We look forward to helping you. Contact us today!